Friday, May 30, 2014

On Top of the Rainbow

Yes, we all are on top of the Rainbow as we return home to our families with countless stories of how God used us, just very ordinary servants, to witness and participate in extraordinary experiences in His name.
What a privilege to serve such a loving and caring God, and what a gift to be in His kingdom of Haiti doing His work.
Somewhere over the rainbow, that's where we are!
God Bless Haiti

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bible school was a huge success

And once again the story of David and Goliath was told

And Goliath bites the dust again!

80+ strong at Lavange and so well behaved

Before we left for Lavange we took time to play with the children at H2H and hand out more bracelets

Next we stopped art Saint Francis Catholic school

Next we stopped at very familiar Siloe school and saw so many children we know and love

Handing out supplies at Ecole Mixte school

Nid school children were so happy to see us

Nid school


We toured 4 schools this morning, 3 that have sponsored HCE children. In the afternoon we rode back to Lavange to hold a Bible school with about 80 beautiful children. Again, the story of David and Gokiath was told with great excitement (and fear from some of the smallest). It was so touching to see these children that had never had these type of crafts done. They did not know how to work with stickers, but they loved the visors once they were finished, and were very excited about their artwork.
Pictures of the day are above.
Sadly, we have to pack now, hold our last devotion, and start saying our goodbyes. We have to leave H2H at 4am to get to the PAP airport in time for our flight.
Praying for safe travels.

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The awesome ladies at H2H

Geo jumping a little rope for the children at the Catholic school

This is the school at H2H and their 6th grade teacher Pastor Jacques

Pastor Jacques has been a teacher at H2H for 18 years. He is also the pastor at one of Luc's churches in the hills - Fauche. A man of God with a huge heart for the children.

Tuesday - starting the day with a little soccer and play time before school starts